Florence Nature Preserve foray

Foray Leader: Mike Hopping
Event Date: 2018-09-01
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Saturday, September first, dawned warm and dryish in Gerton for the Florence Nature Preserve foray. Eighteen AMC members split into two groups led by Mike Hopping and myself, starting off at the blue and white trailheads along Little Pisgah Road. Edibles and collectibles alike were mostly dry and old following dry weather but, even so, many species were collected.

We had lunch and identified our collections at the Chestnut Hills Pavilion across from the Gerton Community Center. We had a total of 113 mushroom species, identified mainly by Mike Hopping , Charlotte Caplan, Laurie Jaegaers, Gwen Casebeer, Jay Englebach, and Barb Moerk. Three species were new to the club, including Inonotus hispidus, a big bracket polypore covered in reddish-brown hairs, which is valued for its brown & gold dye colors.