The Asheville Mushroom Club is a diverse group of people whose common interest is to learn about fungi. Anyone with an interest in mushrooms is encouraged to join!

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Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are open to the public and feature a guest speaker and recent area finds.

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7:00 PM on the last Thursday of the month, March through November.


The US Forest Service building.
It is located at 160 Zillicoa Street, Asheville, NC 28801.

2019 Schedule

Monthly meetings are done for the year, they will resume in March of 2019. We will post updated speaker information once next year's speakers are lined up. Have a wonder winter!


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2005 Event Summaries

South Mills Foray
Date: June 25, 2005 / Leader: Steve Peek

SpeciesCommon name Comments
Amanita citrina    
Amanita flavoconia   yellow patches
Amanita fulva    
Boletus affinis   edible
Craterellus fallas black trumpet edible
Ganoderma tsugae hemlock varnish shelf  
Gomphus floccosus    
Gomphus kaufmanii    
Helvella atra    
Hydnum repandum    
Hygrocybe appalachiensis    
Hypomyces lactifluorum Lobster edible
Laetiporus sulphureus  Chicken of the Woods edibe
Lactarius pecki    
Lactarius volemus   edible
Megacollybia platyphylla    
Omphalotus illudens Jack O Lantern  
Psathyrella rugocephala    
Ramaria stricta    
Russula Red*    

* The red russulas are are very common and there are many species here in western NC. However, they are too difficult to identify in the field and are only noted as occurring in a general sense withou noting species.

Habitat: Moist, some areas near stream, very wooded with hardwoods and conifers.

Balsam Preserve Foray
Date: July 9, 2005 / Leader: Allein Stanley

SpeciesCommon name Comments
Amanita aurantia Orange peel  
Amanita citrina    
Amanita cokeri    
Amanita flavoconia   yellow patches
Amanita fulva    
Artemyces pyxidata   clavicorona pyxidata
Astraeus hygrometricum hygrometer earthstar  
Boletus affinis    edible
Bulgaria rufa   Galiella rufa
Cantharellus appalachiensis    
Cantharellus tubaeformis    
Camarophyllus pratensis meadow waxy cap Hygrocybe pratensis
Clavaria rubicundula smoky worm coral  
Clavaria vermicularis    
Clitocybe gibba   clitocybe infundibuliformi
Craterellus fallas    
Gerronema stromboides    
Gymnopus dryophilla   Collybia dryophilla
Hydnum repandum    
Hygrocybe conica witches hat Hygrophorus conicus
Hypholoma fasciculare sulfur tuffs Naematdoma
Hypomyces lactifluorum Lobster edible
Hygrophorus marginatus    
Lactarius camphoratus    
Lactarius deceptivis    
Lactarius peckii   edible/very acrid
Lactarius volemus apricot milk cap edible
Lacrymaria lacrymabunda   Psathyrella velutina
Lycoperdon perlatum gem studded puffball  
Marasmius rotula    
Megacollybia platyphylla    
Paxillus involutus poison paxillu  
Phylloporus species**    
Pluteus petasatus    
Polyporus varius    
Psathyrella delineata    
Ramaria flava    
Ramaria stricta straight branched coral  
Russula laurocerasi almond scented russula  
Russula Red*    
Scleroderma citrinum common earthball  
Scutellinia scutellataa eyelash cup  
Suillus pictus painted bolete edible
Thelephora vialis    
Tremellodendron pallidum false coral mushroom  
Xerula megalospora   edible
Xlaria polymorph dead man fingers  

* The red russulas are are very common and there are many species here in western NC. However, they are too difficult to identify in the field and are only noted as occurring in a general sense withou noting species.

Weather: Previously rained for approx. 3 wks., 2nd sunny day, high 70s.

Habitat: moist, some areas near stream, very wooded with hardwoods and conifers

Pink Beds Foray
Date: July 16, 2005 / Leader: Renate Rikkers

SpeciesCommon name Comments
Amanita ceciliae    
Calastoma cinnabarina hot lips, gelatinous stalked puffball  
Cantharellus appalachienses   edible
Cantharellus cinnabarinus   edible
Coltricia cinnamomea    
Ganoderma tsugae hemlock varnish shelf Chinese herbal tea
Lactarius pecki    
Lactarius volemus   edible
Laetiporus sulphureus Chicken of the Woods edible
Lepiota procera Parasol mushroom Macrolepiota procera , tender caps edible
Omphalina ericetorum    
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus Gilled bolete Paxillus rhodoxanthus , edible
Phyllotus porrigens Angel’s wings  
Russula ochroleucoides    
Russula subgraminicolor    
Russula virescens green quilt russula edible
Sparassis crispa Cauliflower mushroom edible
Spathulariopsis velutipes Velvet foot fairy fan Spathularia velutipes
Suilles Pictus. painted suilles edible

Weather: Mid 70s, sunny

Habitat: Ground very moist apparently lots of previous rain, Rhododendrons, Hemlock. Mixed hardwood in places.

Cataloochee Foray
Date: August 5-7, 2005 / Leader: Coleman McCleneghan

SpeciesSynonymCommon name

Amanita ceciliae


Strangulated Amanita; Cecilia’s Amanita

Amanita farinosa


Powdery Amanita

Amanita flavoconia


Yellow  Patches

Amanita onusta


Amanita polypyramis


Amanita rubescens



Boletus affinis


Boletus bicolor


Red & Yellow Bolete

Cantharellus appalachiansis


Appalachian Chanterelle

Cantharellus cibarius


Golden Chanterelle

Cantharellus ignicolor


Flame-Colored Chanterelle

Cantharellus minor


Small Chanterelle

Chlorociboria aeruginascens


Blue-Green Wood Stain

Clavaria fumosa


Grayish Fairy Club

Clavulina cristata


Crested Coral; Wrinkled Coral

Clavulinopsis corniculata


Yellow Antler  Coral

Clavulinopsis laeticolor


Golden Fairy Club

Clitocybe clavipes



Clitocybe sp.


Clitocybe subulbipes c.f.


Coltricia montagnei


Montagne’s Polypore

Cordyceps militaris


Orange Club Cordyceps

Cortinarius corrugatus


Corrugated Cortinarius; Wrinkled Cortinarius

Daldinia concentrica


Cramp balls

Entoloma stricta

=Nolanea stricta


Ganoderma applanatum


Artist’s conk

Trichoglossum hirsutum


Velvety Black Earth Tongue

Gerronema stromboides


Gomphus floccosus


Gymnopus confluens

=Collybia confluens


Gyroporus castaneus


Chestnut bolete

Hormomyces aurantiacus


Hydnellum geogineum


Hydnum umbilicatum

=Dentinum umbillicatum

Navel Hedgehog

Hygrocybe caespitosus


Hygrocybe cantharellus


Chanterelle Waxy Cap

Hygrocybe calyptraeformis


Salmon Waxy Cap

Hygrocybe flavescens


Golden Waxy Cap

Hygrocybe laeta


Slippery Skunk

Hygrocybe miniata


Miniature Waxy Cap

Hygrocybe psitlacina


Parrot Waxy Cap

Hygrocybe purpureofolia


Hygrophorous sp.


Hygrophorous subovinus


Hygrocybe marginata


Orange-Gilled Waxy Cap

Hypomyces hyalinus


Amanita Mold

Hypomyces lactifluorum


Lobster Mushroom

Inocybe sp.


Lactarius deceptivus


Deceptive Lactarius

Lactarius gerardii


Gerard’s Lactarius

Lactarius hygrophoroides


Lactarius peckii


Peck’s Lactarius

Lactarius volemus


Tawny Lactarius, Bradley; Apricot Milk Cap

Leotia lubrica


Jelly Babies

Megacollybia platyphylla

=Tricholomopsis platyphylla

Broad Gill

Otidea grandis


Phaeomarasmius erinaceus

=Pholiota erinacea

Powdery-Scale Pholiota

Pholiota flammans


Phylloporus rhodoxanthus

=Paxillus rhodoxanthus

Gilled bolete

Pleurotus dryinus

=Pleurotus corticatus

Veiled Oyster

Pseudohydnum gelatinosum


Jelly Tooth; Jelly Hedgehog

Ramariopsis kunzei


Russula compacta


Firm Russula

Russula crustosa


Russula emetica group


Russula flavida


Russula laurocerasi


Almond-Scented Russula

Russula variata


Variable Russula

Russula virescens


Green Quilt Russula

Sarcodon atroviridis

=Hydnum atroviride


Scleroderma citrinum


Common Earthball; Poison Pigskin Puffball

Scutellinia scutellata


Eyelash Pixie Cup

Spathularia flavida


Fairy Fan

Stereum ostrea


False turkey tail

Stopharia hardii


Hard’s Stropharia

Suillus punctipes


Suillus spraguei

= Suillus pictus


Tricholomopsis rutilans


Variegated Tricholomopsis; Plums & Custard

Tylopilus alboater


Tylopilus eximius


Xeromphalina campanella

=Omphalina campanella

Golden Trumpets

Weather: Friday:ool with heavy afternoon rain. Saturday: Mid 70s, sunny. Sunday: drizzle and cool 60s-70s.

Habitat: Ground moist Rhododendrons, Hemlock. Mixed hardwood in places. forays in Rough Creek and along trail up to Theressa's Orchard

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