The Asheville Mushroom Club is a diverse group of people whose common interest is to learn about fungi. Anyone with an interest in mushrooms is encouraged to join!

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Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are open to the public and feature a guest speaker and recent area finds.

Time & Date

7:00 PM on the last Thursday of the month, March through November.


The US Forest Service building.
It is located at 160 Zillicoa Street, Asheville, NC 28801.

2019 Schedule

Monthly meetings are done for the year, they will resume in March of 2019. We will post updated speaker information once next year's speakers are lined up. Have a wonder winter!


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April 12 @ AMC Monthly Meeting

Our guest this month will be William Padilla-Brown. He will offer a talk on “Fungal Fortunes.” The field of mycology has never been more accessible to the public, with online forums, books from experts, and workshops in almost all major cities in the U.S. we are seeing more and more “amateur mycologists” contributing to our understanding of fungi. William will be speaking on how he started culturing wild mushrooms, starting a farm, and learning how to grow cordyceps mushrooms. Learn how fungi, and mushrooms can be incorporated into whole system designs for the home/farm, and community for food, medicine, and remediation. The presentation will end with a discussion on biohacking yourself with nootropic, and adaptogenic fungi, mushrooms, sclerotia, and lichen.

William Padilla-Brown operates MycoSymbiotics LLC, a small mycological research and mushroom production business and runs a non-profit in New Cumberland, PA called Community Compassion focusing on Radical Sustainability. He has educated children and adults on topics from mushroom cultivation to nutrition via various workshops and programs around the country.

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