Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are open to the public. Meetings feature a speaker and recent area finds.

When: Last Thursday of the month, with an additional speaker on August 22nd.
Time: 7:00 PM (April and July meetings will start at 7:15 PM)
Where: The Murphy-Oakley Recreation Center located at 749 Fairview Road, Asheville, NC 28803.

2019 Meeting Schedule
Date Speaker
March 28

Greg Carter of Deepwoods Mushroom Farm
Topic: Cooking Demo & Morel Stories

Greg Carter, longtime member of the AMC and owner of Deep Woods Mushrooms in Mills River, will share his favorite way to cook morel mushrooms. Greg is the southeast distributor for Field & Forest in WI. He also provides growing research for the local area for Field & Forest. Having knowledge of local, edible and medicinal mushrooms, he will share his knowledge of local mushrooms of the Appalachia.
April 25

William Padilla-Brown
Topic: Integrated Mushroom Systems

Coming from a permaculture background William has always been focused on whole systems. With this understanding he has developed integrated mushroom systems working with algae, plants, insects and animals to close the loop and ensure sustainability! Join in as we learn the unique relationships we can develop with mushroom systems!
May 30

Dr. Coleman McCleneghan
Topic: Introduction to Fungi in the Southern Appalachians: a closer look at fungal ecology, edible fungi and their toxic friends

During this presentation we will consider some of the common southern Appalachian fungi, what defines these species, what ecological role they have in our mountain ecology, and of course...are they edible or toxic. In this program we will explore the wonderful diverse world of fungi found in our southern Appalachian mountains from a beginners’ eyes. Come and learn more about the fungi that call these mountains home; both through photographs and live specimens.
June 27

Tradd Cotter
Topic: Jamaica lab, cultivation business and psilocybin wellness center.

July 25

Mike Hopping
Topic: Chanterelles

August 22

Extra August meeting with Giuliana Furci
Topic: Fundacion Fungi de Chile

Giuliana Furci has been devoted to mycology since 1999. Her inescapable vocation to study Chile's fungi has taken her to travel the country looking for fungi in different environments and ecosystems. In 2007 she published Fungi Austral - Field Guide to the Outstanding Fungi of Chile, and later in 2013 Fungi of Chile, the Field Guide which is currently the only book on Chilean Fungi with pictures of the species in their habitat. Volume 2 of the same guide is in press. In 2012 Giuliana founded The Fungi Foundation (Fundación Fungi), where she currently holds the position of President. Through the Foundation, Giuliana has been focused on public policies for fungal conservation, sustainable harvest of wild edible mushrooms, education, mycological explorations and national capacity building.
August 29

Rachel Swenie
Topic: Mushrooms with teeth: the history, diversity, and edibility of the mushroom genus Hydnum

Rachel Swenie is a PhD student in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee, where she studies fungal diversity, evolution, and biogeography. She has done mycological field work throughout the southeastern US and in southern South America. Originally from Chicago, Rachel formerly ran an edible mushroom farm where she cultivated a variety of gourmet mushrooms.
September 26

Brian Looney
Topic: Ectomycorrhizal fungi associated with poplar trees

October 31

John Munafo
Topic: Mushroom Orders

November Annual Business Meeting. Current members only, no speaker.