Morel Foray #2 2016

Date: April 8, 2016
Leader: Charlotte Caplan

After a couple of last minute cancelations, 22 people arrived at the trail head on a chilly morning of “dogwood winter”. A nice yellow morel was found right beside the parking lot – convenient for show & tell. After a short briefing on foray etiquette, we split into two groups. Ginger directed the larger group into our usual hunting grounds on the north side of the creek, both east and west of the parking lot. They had modest success, finding about 21 morels – all young yellows.

Charlotte persuaded about 10 people to join her cross the creek to the south side, specifically to explore the low creekside area that opens up upstream of where the north bank becomes too steep for passage. When we got there, passing two old homesites with chimneys still standing, the area proved far from flat. It featured ridges of huge boulders, and no morels at all, barring a couple found right beside the trail on the way in. But we did have lovely flowers and beautiful scenery.

Best finder of the day was Cynthia Tina who spotted one morel near a “big old tree”. Then she just sat down, and spent a long time looking slowly and carefully all around her. She found five more under the same tree. That's the way to do it!