Florence Nature Preserve Foray

Date: July 28, 2017

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Fifteen AMC members and a small group of Americorps members with their
Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy guide met on a warm and humid morning at
Little Pisgah Road off Charlotte Highway in Gerton on Friday, July 28 th , for the
Florence Nature Preserve foray. We split into two groups, one led by Mike Hopping
and the second led by Sue and Ed and Anastasia. We forayed two loops, beginning
at the blue and white trailheads off Little Pisgah Road.

Members collectively found 89 mushroom species, identified by Mike Hopping at the
Chestnut Hills Pavilion across from the Gerton Community Center.

Notable finds included Mycetinus scorodonius, commonly known as “vampire’s
bane,” a garlic-reeking little mushroom, Gyroporous cyanescens, a bolete that
immediately turns dark blue when cut or bruised, and Hapalopilus nidulans, an
orange polypore that provides an intense purple dye. We also found both Lactarius
corrugis and L. volemus, numerous chanterelles, and various edible boletes.