Yancey County Foray

Date: September 15, 2017
Leaders: Laurie Jaegers and Frank Bartucca

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The Yancey County foray on September 15, 2017 had 10 participants, including the leaders, Laurie Jaegers and Frank Bartucca, and representatives of the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC), Anona Miller, and the Director of the Blue Ridge Forever Coalition, Jess Laggis. A partnership with the SAHC enabled the members of Asheville Mushroom Club’s foray team to survey a Yancey County property that is owned by the SAHC.

Anona Miller and Jess Laggis introduced the group to the property and the work of SAHC and Blue Ridge Forever in Western North Carolina.

The foray split into two groups: one on a former logging road along a creek and up into some high elevation red oak, led by Dan and Janet Manning. Laurie Jaegers led the other group, which traversed a side trail that involved some creek crossing and bushwacking on the property.

On the day of the foray, the area was cool. The high temperature of the day was in the low 70s. The previous week had had a large amount of rainfall from the remnants of a tropical storm.

After foraying, we ate lunch and set up a two tables for our identification work, which Laurie Jaegers and Frank Bartucca transported to the site. Laurie and Frank led the identification process, assisted by Dan and Janet Manning, David Jarjoura and all of the foray participants. The foray yielded 46 identified species, although a number of other species were left unidentified.