Foray April 6, 2018

Foray Leader: Charlotte Caplan

27 club members met at the parking area on a mild, cloudy day and scattered on both sides of the creek for a 2 ½ hour Easter egg, sorry, morel hunt.  And when we all gathered again we had 62 nice yellow morels between us. Ginger Fisher found the most (9) and the biggest one too. We ate our lunches to the sound of the creek, the threatened rain held off, and Ginger handed around her delicious chocolate cookies. It was a good day.

Some people had kept their eyes open for other fungi as well and spotted nine species (not including old polypores that I couldn’t identify):

Coprinus micaceus, Mica Caps, clustered inside an old stump
Cerioporus (Polyporus) squamosus, Dryad’s Saddle, fairly numerous on stumps and logs
Helvella acetabulum, Ribbed-stalk Elfin Cup, an uncommon ascomycete
Psathyrella pseudovernalis, Spring Psathyrella (psurely the only pfungus with two psilent initial letters!)

Dried up
Trametes aesculi (T. elegans), on logs
Trametes (Lenzites) betulina, Gilled Polypore, on logs
Trametes versicolor, Turkey Tail, on logs
Stereum ostrea, False Turkey Tail, on logs
Xylaria liquidambaris, black threads growing on the old seed cases of Sweet Gum (Liquidambar styraciflua)A first record for AMC! It's probably fairly common, but only Dan Manning took the trouble to examine old sweet gum balls!)