AMC Foray: 07-30-2018

Foray Leader: Mike Hopping

Once again, newish AMC forayers were pleasantly surprised to discover an undeveloped public woods in the center of Asheville. On July 31 a full complement of 20 members made the annual trip, including princely first experiences for Alice Cohen and John Noblitt’s boys: 3 ½ year-old Trent and his bother Bryson, who is 5 and proud of it. A dry week had turned rainy the night before, but showers predicted on the day materialized only as we were leaving.

mushroom collection
Bryson and Trent go to school on tackle boxes with Frank Bartucca—photo from Alice Cohen

Edible species were not plentiful this time. We found a few chanterelles, fishy milk caps, black trumpets, and summer oysters. All the same, 97 species came in, with 3 new to the club list, including the genuine Cantharellus persicinus or Little Peach Chanterelle. Frank Bartucca, Laurie Jaegers, Terri Cranfield, David Jarjoura, and Dimitri Magiasis worked the tables with me to achieve the impressive species count. Thank you’s also to Carrie and Brandon Knox for leading one of the trail loops.

xGliophorus (Hygrocybe) psittacinus, the Parrot Wax Cap—photo by Mike Hopping

Let us end by contemplating Bryson and Trent’s first encounter with the mindbending hugeness of Berkeley’s Polypore—minus hookah smoking caterpillar . . . or, on second look, maybe not.

Bryson and Trent’s first AMC foray—photo from Alice Cohen

Mike Hopping