AMC Foray: 08-18-2018

Foray Leader: Sheila & Ginger

Twenty-eight members attended the foray, including several first-timers. The weather was good, after a lot of rain. We split into two groups: Ginger’s went along the ridge to the north east and back, while Sheila took her group down the steep trail and eventually back up the longer but gentler gravel track to the trail head. We set up tables behind the trail information kiosk and unloaded a lot of species – good hunting, everyone! Lunch was eaten, slightly uncomfortably by those who had not had the forethought to bring camp chairs, and we set out to identify our haul.

Fortunately we had plenty of ID talent on hand. In addition to veterans Mike Hopping and Charlotte Caplan, several members of the ID training group - Gwen Casebeer, Dave Jarjoura, Laurie Jaegers, and Frank Bartucca – went to work and showed that they have learned a thing or two! We were able to identify 132 species, including eight that were new to Club records. One of the new records was Boletuis speciosus (Showy Bolete), one of those handsome, red-capped, blueing boletes, with a yellow and red stem, that give us so much trouble. We’ve almost certainly found it before, but never managed to confidently ID it. Frank did some careful work to ID Annulohypoxylon truncatum – an ascomycete looking like little hard blackberries stuck onto a dead branch.

In later correspondence, we decided to create some common names for some distinctive species, to help us remember them in future:

  • Lactarius subplinthogalus is now the Piecrust Milky for its scallop-edged cap
  • Mycena semivestita is henceforward Fuzzy-footed Mycena
  • Cotylidia pannosa will be known (by AMC) as Little Pink Vase

Suggestions for other species are welcome.