AMC Foray: 09-14-2018

Foray Leader: Priscilla Hunt

The week leading up to our second “pop-up” foray of the season was warm, with highs between 78 and 83 and lows between 63 and 67 degrees F. There was a total of 1.31 inches of rain in nearby Waynesville that week.

The weather on the actual day was breezy and clear, with a high of 79 degrees F. Seven people came and we hiked about half a mile before finding good habitat for mushrooms. After that first half mile there were quite a few mushroom species to investigate. We hiked mostly on the forest service gravel roads, and a little bit, perhaps a quarter mile, on small trails. A waterfall at the turn around point for our hike was a highlight.

We found 39 identifiable species, including the Deadly Galerina (Galerina marginata), a mushroom found clustered on wood in the fall with a dangerous resemblance to the Honey Mushroom, except for having brown spores. Thanks to Laurie Jaegers for doing most of the identification.

We were grateful to sneak in this day outdoors before the several days of rain due to Hurricane Florence hit us.

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