AMC Foray: 08-03-2018

Foray Leader: Sue Brown and Ed Mayer

This year the club decided to explore a new area for a weekend camping foray. The area is located in Nantahala National forest. The foray was a great success. Despite the threat of rain, the weather was relatively cooperative for the 14 campers. Although the ground was soggy underfoot there was no rain during the Sat. morning foray. Over 110 species were identified ably by Laurie, Frank, Charlotte and Pat, in the Picnic Shelter, which the club reserved since the group campsite did not have a covered shelter.

During the Friday afternoon camp setup, it seemed there was a rain shower every time a camper arrived and started to set up their tent. Four canopies were set up in a line making a comfortable and dry area to hang out, chat and cook meals.

Sat afternoon, following the AM foray, Gary Kaufman took a group of campers to another area, one of the rarest habitats in western NC. The site is unique since it is dominated by magnesium compared to calcium as its primary base cation. It has three, possibly five species, new to science, that were recently described. Other campers visited two nearby waterfalls.