Morel Foray - March 30, 2019

Foray Leader: Mike Hopping

We keep crowding the beginning of the morel season earlier and earlier with our expeditions to this site. This year we just barely squeaked in. Normally productive areas were barren or nearly so, but we did find a nice handful of special mini Morchella americana (yellow morel) and a most diminutive M. diminutiva (poplar morel). One half-free morel, M. punctipes, came in, as did a nice flush of actually full-sized M. angusticeps, aka black morels. All of these fruited in the warmest areas we searched. Winner in the mushroom weight category was probably Dan Sampson with four, meaty black morels. Smallest of the small was a poplar morel found by Jessica Bobbitt. Now, that’s a good eye. Speaking of eyes, Diego Infanzon probably collected the largest number of morels, but his sister and mom might have something to say about that.

Although some of us returned empty-handed, we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Bloodroot, spring beauty, early geraniums, and several other wildflower species were in bloom. The ground underfoot was only pleasantly damp, and the spectacular waterworks were in fine form.

Many thanks to Barbara Crosby for managing the Hendersonville carpool. Ginger’s cookies were, as always, wonderful although she had to leave too early to hear this for herself from fellow forayers.