Denis Benjamin

June 8th @ AMC Monthly Meeting

Our guest this month is Denis Benjamin who will talk about "The art and science of mycophagy (Edibility, mushroom nutrition and the chemistry of cooking fungi)"

Denis Benjamin, born in South Africa, emigrated to the USA in 1970. He completed his residency in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle. Now retired from medical practice he devotes his energy to natural history and documenting the wildflowers and mushrooms with photography and watercolors. A past board member of the Puget Sound Mycological Society, he recently helped establish the Yakima Valley Mushroom Club. He was Chairman of the Toxicology Committee of NAMA for a number of years and a consultant for the regional Poison Control Center. He is author of Mushrooms: Poisons and Panaceas and Musings of a Mushroom Hunter: A Natural History of Foraging. He now lives in Fort Worth and is a Research Associate at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.

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