Mike Hopping

April 26, 2018 / AMC Monthly Meeting

Mike Hopping presents "What's That Mushroom?"

An introduction to mushroom identification resources and the basics of figuring out what’s what and who's who. Experienced mushroom hunters, field guides, and online resources are valuable sources of assistance, but they’re most useful when you can help them out by knowing how to look critically at a mushroom yourself. This talk covers different types of fertile surfaces, partial veils, how and why to do spore prints, pore variation in boletes and bracket fungi, and a word or two on the importance of paying attention to the growing circumstances of unknown mushrooms.

Mike's bio: After retirement from the medical field, Mike has spent the last few years becoming an excellent amateur mycologist. In 2012, Mike became a regular contributor to Sporadic News, providing photos and descriptions of mushrooms. Since 2013, Mike has given talks to AMC and the Great Smoky Mountains Audubon Society, presented at AMC's FungiFest, and co-taught classes on different types of Western North Carolina mushrooms with Charlotte Caplan at UNC-A and with Alan and Arleen Bessette at Highlands Biological Station. Together with the Bessettes he coauthored A Field Guide to Mushrooms of the Carolinas, published this month by the University of North Carolina Press.

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