Luke Learningdeer

May 13, 2015 @ AMC Monthly Meeting

Luke will be speaking on “Our astounding Appalachians: A Look at Ecology, Diversity, and Local Gourmet.” Luke is an ethnobotanist, herbalist, and permaculturalist who loves to share the magic and wonder of the natural world. Avid about teaching and mentoring, Luke has guided and taught adults, teens and youth in numerous courses on survival, navigation, botany, ecology, earth awareness, and sustainable living. During the last decade, Luke has directed and taught for several wilderness awareness programs, led walks for the Finger Lakes Native Plant Society and the Asheville Botanical Gardens, been a regular teacher at the Asheville School of Holistic Herbalism, and guest taught at the North East School of Botanical Medicine and the One World Healing Arts Institute.

Additionally he enjoyed founding his own home-school program--the Gaia Connection in Fairview NC--and leading two month-long camping and white-water canoeing expeditions for BYM Teen Adventure programs. He has studied at the North East School of Botanical Medicine, the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, Cornell University (Plant Biology), UNC-Asheville (Environmental Studies), the Karuna Falls School of Permaculture (NZ), and the Humboldt Field Research Station (Botanical studies) as well as John Young’s Art of Mentoring course.

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