Cantharellus cinnabarinus

What Cantharellus cinnabarinus, the cinnabar chanterelle, gives up in size is often redeemed by quantity. Troupes of these tasty little guys inhabit dampish, hardwood areas. Cinnabar chanterelles are “cinnabar red” all over, including the vein-like false gills running down the stalk. Stalks are solid, not hollow. Lookalike wax caps have slat-like true gills that don’t fork; instead, long gills are interspersed with short ones. Craterellus ignicolor, the flame chanterelle (edible), is larger, yellowish, and soon hollow. It does have false gills, but they usually turn lavender at maturity. Cantharellus minor (edible) is a miniature yellow chanterelle that can be even smaller than its cinnabar cousin.

Thanks to Mike Hopping for the photo and description.