A Cure for Cabin Fever

I grabbed my old foraging back pack. Them old military issue ones (such as those from Europe) are simple and best. Let's see:.foraging kit - check; me - check, and Jeep - check. Heck, no raingear; I rarely ever use it.

Being in South Carolina I drove up towards Columbus NC my former foraging grounds. Not really expecting to find anything. Just to get out. I go to one of my favorite areas, which often bears some other mushroom treasures. I trek thru the woods past the creek and all the yellowroot growing along its banks. I spy a soaked Russula-type mushroom here and there. Only a couple. Head down the trail where I have found sparasssis … nothing. Then down the chanterelle trail. Surprisingly I find a cluster of small chanterelles, bright yellow orange but not fully matured. Seems a bit early. And I trot by where I just discovered a couple of lobsters last year. Now I know none of these are in season and I am really finding nothing much at all. Which I sorta expected.

BUT any walk in the woods is a treat. I did say hello to the bloodroot family that has grown there for years. Their puzzle piece leaves are so unique. And as I stopped to admire them I was thrilled to see a couple of St.John's Wort plants - Hypericum punctatum. I took one small leaf and crushed it between my fingers and it showed considerable purplish staining. This particular variety, which I have seen around North Carolina, has actually been researched and found to have a high degree of active constituents.

One does not always have to ingest a plant to receive its medicine. It is a treat to sometimes just hang out with it and enjoy it just as it is. That is medicine in itself! It is just like finding the chickens, or a sparassis, or some other mushroom treasure. As much fun to find it as to eat it!

So, no big whup. A couple of small chanterelles for a couple of eggs. It will flavor them well. I was happy to bust out of my sudden cabin fever when sometimes the only prescription IS a trek down the road!

Terri Herrlein aka scamperfera
AMC Member

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