AMC Mentorship Program


Ever wished you could identify more than a few of the mushrooms on our foray tables? How about learning to identify most of the species found in WNC, not just edibles and medicinals? Would you enjoy using your new skills to mentor other AMC members in the future and serve as an identifier at AMC forays?

March 2018 heralds the beginning of a new educational program to help members who said “yes” to the above questions build their mushroom knowledge and increase the skills base of the club. During 2018 and beyond, we’ll be offering structured classes and field work in very small groups with expert mentors.

Interested? Plan on attending:

  • Up to 4 Friday field courses (all day). May occasionally extend to a Saturday. These courses are not on weekends; "Friday" field courses may occasionally be on other weekdays • Four ID-related monthly programs (all members can attend, but it’s mandatory for ID program participants). Attendance at most forays to work closely with AMC identifiers
  • Help with species recording at some forays
  • Up to 4 weekend field studies, held locally, foraying, then working with ID experts
  • Assigned reading and internet searches It’s all free! AMC expects those we train to remain valuable members of our club and to participate in AMC forays as an identifier.

If you miss a class, you will not be kicked out of the program; attendance is expected rather than required. That’s a lot of work, huh? Will participants become mushroom ID experts in 2018? Probably not, but you will likely advance to “assistant identifier” or “identifier” on our forays. Your AMC name badge will also reflect this status so that you can begin mentoring others ASAP. Eventually an advanced identifier status is achievable. Please come to one of our meetings or email us.

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