About the club

Our membership ranges from the beginning collector to the professional mycologist and includes an abundance of mycophagists (mushroom eaters), photographers, artists, and nature enthusiasts. We enjoy eating edible mushrooms we gather in the forest. Others cultivate fungi in their gardens. At our Monthly Meetings, we hear from experts - many of them club members - about different aspects of fungi identification, folklore, cultivation and culinary preparation.

We conduct a number of Forays (field trips) around Western North Carolina. Some are day trips while others are camping adventures. Whatever the event, our goal is to have fun while we learn. Our experienced members will be happy to share their knowledge and introduce you to the fascinating world of mushrooms.

Club History Club Bylaws

2019 Club Officers & Volunteers
President Suzie Berryhill
Vice President Frank Bartucca
Treasurer Laurie Jaegers
Secretary Charlotte Caplan
Programs Coordinator Rebecca Gebb
Membership Committee Chair Jackie Schieb
Foray Committee Chair David Jarjoura
Education Committee Chair  
Sporadic News Editor Heather Brooks
Merchandise Linda Mackintosh
AMC website Webmaster Betty Dunajski
Nametags Natalie Gerardot