Books, Journals & Magazines

Below is a list of books we love and recommend. Most of the books can be found at The Compleat Naturalist located in historic Biltmore Village in Asheville. 
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Mushrooms of W. Virginia and the Central Appalachians
William C. Roody (2003)
National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms
Gary Lincoff (1981)
Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America
Roger Phillips (reprint (1991))
Michael Kuo (2005)
Mushrooms Demystified
David Arora (Sept. 1986)
North American Mushrooms A Field Guide to Edible and Inedible Fungi
Dr. Orson K Miller Jr. and Hope H. Miller (2006) 
North American Boletes
Alan E. Bessette, William C. Roody,  and Arleen R. Bessette (2000)
Mushrooms of Northeastern North America
Alan E. Bessette, Arleen R. Bessette, and David W. Fischer (1997)
Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States
Alan E. Bessette, William C. Roody, Arleen R. Bessette, and Dail L. Dunaway (2007)
Simon and Schuster’s Guide to Mushrooms
Edited by Gary H. Lincoff, Instructor, The New York Botanical Garden (1981)
The Mushrooms of Northeast North America (Midwest to New England)
by George Barron, published by Lone Pine Field Guide (1999)
  Mushroom  The Journal of Wild Mushrooming
Great articles, published quarterly. Subscription Info.
  Fungi Magazine 
Excellent new publication, published 5x per year. Subscription Info.