Mushroom Identification & Keys

Below are a list of keys for specific groups of mushrooms. We have organized them by author.

Mike Hopping

Club member Mike Hopping has written an excellent introduction and overview of identifying mushrooms.

Dennis Drehmel

Dennis has worked for a number of years developing keys for common North Carolina Amanitas, Boletes, and Lactarius. Here we are providing PDF versions of his keys.

Dr. Andy Methven

Dr. Methven is professor of mycology in the Dept. of Biological Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. He started his formal education in mycology at San Francisco State Univ. and concluded as a doctoral student in Dr. Ron Petersen's lab at U. of TN. He presented a workshop at Pink Beds, Pisgah Forest for the club in July, 2008. The following are the Lactarius keys he compiled for this workshop and has been gracious enough to provide posting to this site.

Jay Justice

Jay, a field mycologist, discovered the wonderment of mushrooms/fungi while in graduate school, he has been a NAMA member since 1980, and is a co-founder of the Arkansas Mycological Society. You can find Jay at forays throughout the South and Southeast regions of the U.S. in addition to those forays that are sponsored by the Cumberland Mycological Society, Gulf States Mycological Society, Texas Mycological Society, and the Missouri Mycological Society. His mushrooms/fungi of interest include members of the genus Amanita, Boletes and Cordyceps.