Here are various links to websites with more information about mushrooms.

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David Fischer’s site – Co-author of  Edible Wild Mushrooms of North America: A Field-to-kitchen Guide (1992, Univ. of Texas Press) and Mushrooms of Northeastern North America (1997, Syracuse University Press).
Mushroom Expert
Michael Kuo's website includes extensive information on morel hunting, plus topics on toxic mushrooms, tree identification, and studying mushrooms.
Mushroom Farms Online
List of mushroom farms by state.
Mushroom Mountain
Explore many fascinating aspects of fabulous fungi at Mushroom Mountain. A web resource for teachers, students, mushroom hunters, and growers featuring many videos and instructions on how to cultivate edible mushrooms in the garden. Workshops and lecture dates are also scheduled throughout the year. 
Mushroom Observer
An online forum where amateur and professional mycologists can come together and discuss and share photos of mushroom sightings from around the world.
North American Mycological Association. Our Asheville Club is affiliated with this non-profit organization of amateur and professional mycologists with more than 60 affiliated local mycological clubs throughout North America. NAMA’s mission is "to promote, pursue, and advance the science of mycology."
For more about NAMA and how to join, please click here.
NC State Mushroom Horticulture
NC STATE Extension - Resources for mushroom growers.
No Taste Like Home
Alan Muskat offers wild foods outings. Participants learn about mushroom medicine, dyeing with mushrooms (that's D-Y-E), and more.
Roger’s Mushrooms
Roger's twenty-year study will make the site the most complete collection of photographs and mushroom information from both sides of the Atlantic ever assembled.  There are over 3000 images on the site to help you identify and learn more about the mushrooms of North America of Europe
Taylor Lockwood
Mushroom photographer who now has two outstanding photo books to his credit.
Tom Volk’s U of Wisconsin LaCrosse Fungi site
Tom Volk is the Professor of Biology whose site has numerous mushroom photos, and a very extensive tour into the Kingdom Fungi.
University of Tennessee Herbarium Fungus Database
17,400 Searchable records from Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
Wood Decay Fungi
Keys, photographs and descriptions of macroscopic fungi using wood as a substrate in the Northeast United States. By Gary Emberger and Messiah College.